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Sharp MX-5050N

Sharp MX-5050N


The Sharp MX-5050N is a multifunctional color laser printer designed for business and office environments.


Printing Capabilities:

Print Technology: Color laser printing.
Print Speed: It typically offers printing speeds of up to 50 pages per minute for both color and monochrome (black and white) documents.
Copying and Scanning:

Copy Speed: Similar to the printing speed, it can copy at speeds of up to 50 pages per minute.
Scanning: The MX-5050N likely supports high-resolution scanning in color and black and white.
Paper Handling:

Paper Capacity: This model may come with various paper tray configurations, allowing for a total paper capacity of several thousand sheets.
Paper Sizes: It can handle a wide range of paper sizes, including standard letter, legal, tabloid, and custom sizes.
Finishing Options:

The MX-5050N may offer finishing options such as stapling, hole punching, and booklet making to streamline document production.

Network Connectivity: It likely supports both wired and wireless network connections, enabling easy integration into office networks.
Mobile Printing: You may be able to print from mobile devices using features like Sharp's mobile printing apps.
Touchscreen Control Panel:

The printer likely features a large touchscreen control panel for easy navigation and configuration of settings.
Security Features:

Business-level printers like the MX-5050N often include security features to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access.
Energy Efficiency:

Many modern office printers, including Sharp models, focus on energy efficiency to reduce operating costs and environmental impact.
Software and Compatibility:

Sharp printers often come with software solutions for document management, workflow automation, and more.
Duty Cycle:

The MX-5050N is designed for medium to high-volume printing, with a duty cycle that can handle a substantial number of prints per month.
Environmental Certifications:

Sharp printers typically adhere to various environmental standards and certifications, such as Energy Star, RoHS, and EPEAT, to reduce their environmental footprint.

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