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Konica Minolta Bizhub 363

Konica Minolta Bizhub 363


Transform your office into a hub of efficiency with the Konica Minolta Bizhub 363 – a powerhouse multifunctional printer that seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design. Elevate your workflow, streamline document management, and unleash unparalleled productivity with this robust office companion.


  • High-Speed Printing: Achieve impressive print speeds of up to 36 pages per minute, ensuring swift document output for your busy workplace.

  • Versatile Scanning: Effortlessly convert paper documents into digital files with the high-speed color scanning capabilities, providing flexibility in document management.

  • Duplex Printing: Save on paper costs and reduce environmental impact with automatic duplex printing, allowing you to print on both sides of the page without manual intervention.

  • Large Paper Capacity: With a maximum paper capacity of 3,650 sheets, the Bizhub 363 minimizes the need for frequent paper refills, enhancing uninterrupted workflow.

  • Intuitive Touchscreen Interface: The user-friendly 8.5-inch color touchscreen interface makes navigation a breeze, allowing for quick access to various functions and settings.

  • Mobile Printing: Stay connected and print from your mobile devices with ease, thanks to the Bizhub 363's compatibility with popular mobile printing solutions.

  • Advanced Security Features: Safeguard sensitive information with built-in security features, including user authentication, data encryption, and secure printing options.

  • Customizable Functionality: Tailor the Bizhub 363 to your specific needs with a range of available accessories and finishing options, including stapling and booklet making.

  • Energy Efficiency: Designed with energy conservation in mind, the Bizhub 363 meets stringent environmental standards, contributing to a greener and more sustainable office environment.

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