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Konica Minolta BizHub C654e

Konica Minolta BizHub C654e


Elevate your office productivity with the Konica Minolta BizHub C654e, a powerhouse multifunctional printer that seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design. This sleek and reliable device is engineered to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses, delivering stunning print quality, intuitive operation, and advanced features to streamline your workflow.


  • High-Speed Performance: Achieve remarkable printing speeds of up to 65 pages per minute, ensuring rapid output for even the most demanding tasks.

  • Vibrant Color Reproduction: The BizHub C654e boasts exceptional color accuracy and clarity, making your documents come to life with vivid and professional-quality prints.

  • Versatile Media Handling: From standard letter-sized documents to oversized marketing materials, this printer effortlessly handles a wide range of media types and sizes, giving you the flexibility to print diverse materials in-house.

  • User-Friendly Touchscreen Interface: Navigate with ease through the 9-inch color touchscreen panel, allowing for intuitive operation and quick access to a multitude of functions.

  • Advanced Scanning Capabilities: Transform your paper documents into digital files seamlessly with high-speed scanning capabilities, supporting various file formats and destinations.

  • Enhanced Security Features: Safeguard sensitive information with advanced security features, including user authentication, encrypted data transmission, and secure print functions.

  • Mobile Printing: Print directly from your smartphone or tablet, enhancing convenience and flexibility for users on the go.

  • Energy Efficiency: The BizHub C654e is designed with energy-saving features to minimize environmental impact, while still delivering top-notch performance.

  • Customizable Workflows: Tailor the device to your specific needs with customizable workflows, ensuring optimal efficiency for your unique business processes.

  • Large Paper Capacity: Minimize interruptions with a generous paper capacity, reducing the frequency of paper refills during high-volume printing tasks

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