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Xerox VersaLink B7025

Xerox VersaLink B7025


The Xerox VersaLink B7025 is a multifunction printer (MFP) designed for use in office environments. It offers a range of features and capabilities that make it suitable for various document-related tasks.


Printing Speed: The Xerox VersaLink B7025 is capable of printing at speeds of up to 25 pages per minute for both color and monochrome documents.

Functionality: It is a multifunction printer, which means it can perform various tasks beyond printing. It offers standard functions such as printing, copying, scanning, and faxing.

Print Resolution: The printer provides a high print resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi (dots per inch), ensuring sharp and clear text and graphics.

Paper Handling: It comes with multiple paper trays and finishing options, allowing for various paper sizes and types, including envelopes and heavy paper. It also supports automatic duplex (double-sided) printing.

Touchscreen Control Panel: The VersaLink B7025 features a user-friendly touchscreen control panel, which makes it easy to navigate through the various functions and settings.

Connectivity: It supports various connectivity options, including Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi. This makes it easy to integrate into a networked office environment.

Mobile Printing: Xerox provides mobile printing options, including support for Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print, allowing users to print from their mobile devices.

Security Features: Xerox takes security seriously, and the VersaLink B7025 includes features like Secure Print, user authentication, and data encryption to protect sensitive information.

Workflow Optimization: Xerox offers software solutions that can enhance productivity and streamline document workflows. These solutions may include cloud connectivity, document management, and print management software.

Monthly Duty Cycle: This printer is designed for medium to high-volume printing. Its monthly duty cycle is typically around 90,000 pages, but this may vary depending on the specific model or configuration.

Environmental Considerations: Xerox often emphasizes energy efficiency and environmental responsibility in its products. Look for features such as automatic power-saving modes and environmentally friendly printing options.

Service and Support: Xerox usually offers various service and support options, including extended warranties and maintenance agreements, to ensure the longevity and reliability of their devices.

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